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Our user-friendly education platform simplifies learning, making it easy and accessible for everyone. Join us now to kickstart your course today!

Expert-Led Course

Learn directly from industry/academic experts in specialized engineering fields

Comprehensive Learning

Access diverse courses for comprehensive knowledge and excellence

User-Friendly Platform

Seamless learning: our intuitive platform makes education accessible for all

Personalized Learning Paths

Customize your learning journey, focusing on topics aligned with your goals and  interests


Get real-time insights on your performance.

Benefit from auto-generated reports that provide accurate insights, aiding in the creation of successful campaigns.

  • CASS MiLe's interactive and self-paced learning
  • Offers a chance for students to develop new skills
  • Learn at your own convenience, allowing for flexibility in managing their academic and personal commitments.

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Mission & Vision


CASS Microlearning is dedicated to empowering and equipping IEEE members and lifelong learners with an engaging and satisfying educational experience through the provision of competency-based microlearning on an e-learning platform.


CASS Microlearning strives to become a globally-recognized leader in providing and advancing knowledge in Circuits and Systems framed in a multidisciplinary context to a diverse technical audience.

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"Thank you, CASS MiLe, for this golden opportunity! The digital badges after course completion are fantastic as they act as a reward system to students."
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“Personally, I really enjoyed this learning platform as it is unique and compatible with my learning style. I would always continue to learn the next chapter after completing each one of them.”
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"It's beneficial to learn from CASS MiLe through the micro-lessons. It breaks down a big task to small ones, making learning easier.”
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