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Learn to collect your digital badge and share to the world.

IEEE CASS Digital Badges

IEEE CAS Society digital badges are awarded to recognize learning achivements and competencies earned on the CAS MiLe (Circuits and Systems Microlearning) platform. Through CASS competency-based microlearning, these digital badges showcase learner's competencies, supporting in every step of the way towards becoming experts in the chosen field of interest

Earn your badge today and get recognized by your peers!

What is a Digital Badge

Digital badge is an indicator of accomplishment or competency that can be earned and verified online. This credential can be shared on social media platforms and is visible to everyone, including colleagues, fellow society members and potential employers.

What is CASS Competency-based Microlearning

In CASS competency-based microlearning, learners raise their learning level driven by the demonstration of knowledge or skills. We support this through bite-sized, personalized learning content called microlessons. Through this flexible learning approach, learners can build their own specific set of competencies needed for a specific career pathway. 

 *Microlesson is the smallest learning unit, built upon WIReD learning framework. WIReD: Watch - get Involve - Reflect - Dig further


Awarded to the first 500 learners enrolled in any of the lessons on CAS MiLe.

Early Adopter

Awarded to learners who complete one (1) microlesson.


Awarded to learners who complete one (1) microlesson each from any 5 lessons.


Awarded to learners who actively contribute to the get Involve activity, by completing any ten (10) different microlesson forums.

Quiz Whiz

Awarded to learners who get perfect scores in any ten (10) Reflect activities.


Awarded to learners who complete watching twenty (20) microlesson videos.


  1. Recognition added to the learner's profile reflecting their
    professional identity.
  2. List of Badges Awarded on learner’s dashboard on CASS MiLe.
  3. List of Badges Awarded shown when viewing other user’s
  4. Badges can be shared and verified online.