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Easy Step to Create an Account and Enrol Yourself

For first-time users, logging in is a breeze. You can create an account/login with your Google account 

or opt to create one manually. Simply provide some basic information and ensure you have access to your email for verification purposes. If you encounter any issues with the verification email, reach out to us at

Once your account is created, it's time to update some information.

Contest Enrollment:

1. Choose the desired course/contest.

2. Enter the enrollment key provided to you by your instructor or found on the webpage.

3. You're ready to participate in the contest if the date and time are still open.

Microcourses Enrollment:

1. Select the course you wish to enroll in

2. Simply click the "Enroll Me" button.

3. The course will be instantly accessible to you.

You'll find all the courses you've enrolled in on your dashboard or the left sidebar.

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Organising Committee

Should you encounter any login issues or have questions, feel free to email us at 

Technical inquiries :