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Everything About CASS MiLe

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About CASS MiLe

At CASS Microlearning, we are dedicated to providing exceptional services to the IEEE community and lifelong learners. The IEEE CASS Education Committee, under the umbrella of the CASS Institute of Global Education, is dedicated to supporting competency-based learning through the production of multimedia content, providing a platform for IEEE members to share their lessons, and personalizing the learning experience for each individual.  

Our e-learning platform, CASS MiLe, is learner-focused and highly flexible, giving students the opportunity to learn from experts in their field. We are also committed to advancing microcredential education, offering a variety of program segments such as the Distinguished Lecture Series, 2-Minute Papers, and Making an Impact. 

Through our platform, we are passionate about reaching out, empowering, and providing a satisfying teaching and learning experience to the IEEE community and lifelong learners.

Current program segments on CASSMiLe e-learning Platform includes Distinguished Lecture Series, 2-minutes paper, Making An Impact.

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Introducing CASS Mile: Innovative Online Education Engineering Platform

Introducing CASS MiLe: A revolutionary online education engineering platform, offering dynamic tools and unparalleled learning experiences to help you unlock the full potential of your educational journey

At CASS MiLe, we are dedicated to providing innovative online education engineering solutions and resources that empower students in their educational journey. Our platform is designed to be highly adaptable, allowing us to meet the diverse needs of all users. Our team of experts are committed to creating a synergy between students, educators and partners by providing access to the best resources available. With our comprehensive platform, we strive to guide students to reach their educational goals.

What we offer

CASS MiLe provides the best online learning experience. With our comprehensive courses and amazing instructors, you get the knowledge you need to succeed in any subject. Our education platform is simple to make learning easy and accessible to everyone. Join us now and start your courses today!

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We provide tailored online education packages to give you the tools and information you need to reach your full potential and achieve success.

Access High Quality, Online Education Anytime and Anywhere

Our online education packages offer you the convenience of accessing high-quality content anytime and from any location.

Transform your life with Comprehensive Learning Experiences

Through our interactive and self-paced learning modules, we offer the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge on complex topics, develop new skills, and refine existing ones to help you transform your life.

Discover Your True Potential with CASS MiLe

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