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About CASS MiLe

About CASS MiLe

CASS Microlearning is an initiative by the IEEE CASS Education Committee. Under the umbrella of CASS Institute of Global Education, CASS Microlearning supports global competency-based learning – from producing bite-sized multimedia contents, to providing a platform for IEEE members to share their lessons and, to personalizing life-long learners’ learning experience and goals. 

We are committed to reach out, empower, and provide satisfying teaching & learning experience for IEEE members and lifelong learner community through our e-learning platform. 

The CASSMiLe e-learning platform enables learner-centric, flexible teaching & learning from experts in the field and moving towards microcredential education.

Current program segments on CASSMiLe e-learning Platform includes Distinguished Lecture Series, 2-minutes paper, Making An Impact.